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Application criteria


Applicants for TBBMI must at least turn 18 during the year of admission.

Previous experience

Due to the practical profile of the school and the values at the ministry sites, active Christian ministry experience is required. Active Christian ministry means that you have had leadership tasks or practical tasks in a Christian church or organization during the last three years.

This needs to be documented by sending a letter in PDF format, signed by a pastor/leader, logo of church/organization and updated contact information. Open Word documents or documents with outdated contact information will be considered invalid.


The languages used at TBBMI are Norwegian and English.

If you are an international student, you language skills must be confirmed by sending Norskprøve 3 for Norwegian or IELTS(score 80)/TOEFL (score7) for English.

If you don’t have any of these tests and your application is accepted, you will we requested to have a Skype conversation with one of our staff members.


Non-EU/EEA citizens must submit a copy of a valid student visa/resident permit for Norway no later than 14 days before the school starts to retain the place. To do this you may apply for Student Visa as soon as your application at TBBMI will be confirmed and not later then 1st of July. 

Please visit before hand this link to be aware of all requirements from the UDI to apply for Student Visa: Student Visa application

How to apply:

1) Fill in and submit the online application form.

2) If you don't have the required documentation now, you can send it later to Note that the application is not complete and will not be processed before all the documentation is sent. 


Primary Admission: March 15th 2017.

If there are spaces left there will be continuous admission after this date for everyone until April 15th.

After April 15th, continuous admission is only for applicants from EU/EEA/Norway, and applicants with practice in Jesus Revolution.

Admission regulations

You can find the admission regulations here.


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