Meet Tonje Madland

Meet Tonje Madland

Name: Tonje Madland
Age: 21
Country: Norway
Class: 2nd year

I heard about TBBMI in my church, and chose to apply to this school because I wanted to attend bible school after high school.

The teachings in the bible school are solid and varied. In the second year we go through subjects such as leadership, church, the gifts of the Spirit, and so on. In the first year there are subjects like faith, prayer, the New Testament and the Old Testament, cultural understanding, and much more. In addition to the teachers in the bible school, guest teachers visit us who teach us in different subjects, and tell about what they experience and do in their ministry.

My practice ministry is in Jesus Women, which is an organization, and a mobilization of girls in all ages to build the kingdom of God in home and family, the community and in the church. Jesus Women has local groups in different places in Norway, an annual conference in Oslo, and publish a magazine called JK. I work in the office with administration, the JK-magazine, and the annual conference.

Meet Tonje Madland
My favorite part of the school day is probably the morning gathering. It is special to start the days with worship and prayer together with all the students in the school. It gives us the right focus for the day, and we experience that God meets us and speaks to us.

The social environment in the bible school is really good. There are students from all over the world in the school, which makes us get to know other cultures. It is interesting, and we learn a lot.

The teachers in the bible school are skilled, and really engaged in what they are doing. At the same time we experience that they care about us as students in a personal way.

This time in the bible school has been life changing. I have received teaching from the Word of God and gotten to know God more. I really recommend this bible school to others!

In connection with the Jesus Women conference I got in touch with a woman. She wasn’t a participant in the conference, but she was touched by the atmosphere there, and commented that she thought Christians seemed so harmonic and peaceful. She said that she believed in a power out there, but not necessarily God. I told her that I believe in a personal God who know us, and has created us. I gave her a JK-magazine, so she could hear more, and read stories about people who have met God in a personal way.


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