Meet Jørgen

Meet Jørgen

Name: Jørgen Arnesen

Age: 22

Country: Norway

Class: 1st year


I heard about TBBMI because Jesus Revolution, that I now am a part of, work together with this Bible school. Jesus Revolution is a full-time missions training school for young people, with the vision to reach out the youth of the world with the gospel.


I was saved when a team from Jesus Revolution visited a church where I am from. I had finished my time as an electrician apprentice and my time in the army, so I wished to do something for myself, for instance attending Bible school. That’s why I decided to join Jesus Revolution.

In Jesus Revolution we live very close to each other. It can be a little bit challenging sometimes to live so close to other people. I have been in the army before, so I’m used to have other people around me. But it is also important to sometimes take some time to be alone. But generally it is a good experience, and it’s a good environment.

I am the sound technician in the concert team in Jesus Revolution. That means that I have gotten some responsibility when it comes to the equipment we will use. I have been a part shaping what I will be a part of the next months, and in the time before the tour I helped booked concerts. When we are going on tour, I will drive the car, build the stage and take it down after, and take up the light- and sound equipment for the concert.

The teaching in the Bible school is good and relevant, and I feel like it is something that will be useful. I was surprised of how much I have been learning here, more than I expected when I first started.

The teachers have a lot to give in the teaching. When it’s a break, it is easy to talk to them and ask them questions, and they are very helpful. At the same time we have respect for them as teachers.

We also have guest teachers that come and teach us in the Bible school during the year. Recently a man from Denmark came and taught us, and he is a missionary in Tanzania. He had a lot of knowledge, at the same time as he was able to communicate it in a fun way. There were not a boring moment during that teaching.

The environment at TBBMI is international, and it is people from many different cultures here. Now as we have gotten to know each other, it has become a really good social environment. We learn from other cultures, and it is a great blessing that it’s as multicultural as it is.

My favorite part of the school day is the fruit break. After the first session it is a fifteen minute break, when we get to fill our tea cup, be social and talk to the other students and the teachers about what we have been learning so far that day.

The Bible school have given me a stronger fundamental in my faith. When you understand the culture and the setting which the Bible was written in, it is easier to understand why it is written as it is written, compared to not having any of that background information at all. The time at the Bible school has also given me the opportunity to see areas in my life that needed to be worked on, and to be able to work on those areas.

After TBBMI I will go back to Kristiansund, and be a part of a church planting that my church is doing there. We will also start a confirmation-program for youth in the church.

This year in TBBMI and in Jesus Revolution have helped me to be more confident in acting on the thoughts that God gives me.

One night I was taking the train home to Lillestrøm, where Jesus Revolution lives. I saw a boy who was sitting on the train, who had many tattoos. I saw that he had a cross tattooed on his thumb, and I thought this would be a good start of a conversation. It was six minutes until we were in Lillestrøm, and I discussed a little bit with myself, but finally I decided to talk to him. I asked him what the tattooes meant to him. This opened a conversation where he shared about some difficult years in his life. I got to share with him what the cross means for me. I shared what Jesus has done, and that He did it for him. Before Jesus Revolution it would probably be a lot harder to start that conversation. Earlier I would have thought that it was six minutes until I was not in that situation any more, but now I thought it was six minutes to affect someone's life.


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