Practical Info

The school year 

The school year 2017-2018 begins August 21 and follows the regular holidays for the schools in Oslo. The year in Jesus Revolution and New Generation is longer, and does not include autumn and winter holidays.

The school day is from 8:30-14:45 on Mondays, and 8:30-13:00 on Tuesday-Friday.

In addition there are 8 hours of ministry for the 1st year students every week, and 10 hours for the 2nd year students. The schedule is made in order to make it possible to combine school with a part-time job. Jesus Revolution and New Generation have a different schedule that does not allow for a part-time job.

During the fall there will be an Encounter-trip and a missions trip. These two trips are mandatory. During the spring you are welcome to join in on the annual trip to Israel. 

You will also contribute and be a part of several conferences that will be held throughout the year!

Student costs

In order to cover some of the expenses at the school every student has to pay a school fee.

The school fee at TBBMI is 6,250 NOK per semester and has to be paid at the beginning of each semester (fall/spring). In addition there will be a mandatory mission trip where the cost is maximum NOK 10,000 NOK per student. (This does not involve those who have chosen Jesus Revolution as their practice ministry)
The application fee of NOK 1000,- will be subtracted from the first semester fee.

Jesus Revolution have additional costs, which include food, accommodation, travel expenses etc. The trip to Israel in November is also in addition, for those that would like to join in.

Loans and Scholarships

TBBMI is a publicly accredited Bible school and Nordic students are eligible for loans and scholarships. If you are a Nordic student and you have received an acceptance letter from us, you may apply for loan and scholarship at

Students from other countries in Scandinavia may also apply for loans and scholarships in their home countries. We recommend you to do this as early as possible after being accepted as a student at TBBMI. 


TBBMI has unfortunately no accommodation in Oslo, so each student needs to find a place to stay. Jesus Revolution has other arrangements.

International Students

Applicants from outside the EU have to apply for a student visa in order to stay in Norway. You have to have an acceptance letter from TBBMI before you can apply, but we encourage you to visit the UDI website before so that you are aware of the restrictions and the application form. You may find more information through this link: Student Visa application

Students from countries within the EU/EEA/EFTA just need to register electronically here


The teaching is available both in Norwegian and in English.

How to get to Norway?

Several airlines have daily flights to Oslo. On you can search for cheap tickets from an airport close to you. There are three airports serving the city of Oslo: Oslo Airport Gardermoen (The main airport), Oslo Airport Torp and Moss Airport Rygge.

How to get to the centre of Oslo?

All airports have bus and train connections to Oslo. There is more information at

Admission Regulations for TBBMI

Press here

The trip to Israel

Every year we travel to the nation of Israel to explore the land described in God’s Word! This will definitely be an experience of a lifetime. If you have not been to Israel, we highly recommend that you join us. TBBMI and Jesus Church will be hosting this trip.

You can enjoy a boat ride on the sea of Galilee, explore the ruins of Masada or go shopping in downtown Jerusalem. There are many more places to explore during this week in Israel. For questions concerning this trip, feel free to contact us.

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