1st year


The 1st year at TBBMI focuses on Bible and missions.



The year gives:

  • A solid foundation of faith
  • Help to find out how to live according to God’s plan for your life
  • Basic teaching that equips and prepares you no matter what you do in life



The teaching contains

  • Overview of the New Testament
  • Overview of the Old Testament
  • The character of God
  • The life and ministry of Jesus
  • The Holy Spirit 
  • Righteousness
  • Faith
  • Divine healing
  • Prayer and worship
  • Missions and evangelism
  • Communication
  • Apologetics
  • The church 
  • Creative youth and children's ministry 
  • Spiritual gifts and ministry gifts 
  • Relationship and family
  • Revival history
  • Ethics
  • Religion and social trends
  • Israel
  • Sports/Dance
  • Electives


TBBMI has a strong missions profile, and we emphasize that you as a student may practice what you learn. During the 1st year you will therefore have 8 hours of mandatory practice each week, and a mandatory missions trip during the year.

The goal with the practice is that you as a student may go deeper into the different tasks within missions, evangelism and/or church work. You will see that theory and practice go hand in hand, and that your gifts and skills develop throughout the school year.

Read more about practice here

Student conversations/Coaching

At TBBMI we want to see you as a student find your running path. During the 1st year we therefore offer several individual student talks with a mentor. We believe that discipling happens in relationships, and that you can grow in your relationship with God when you have the chance to ask your personal questions, share your dreams and experiences with one of our experienced teachers. Your mentor will also help you with, and encourage you in strengthening your personal faith life.  


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