2nd year


Throughout the 2nd year at TBBMI we would like to ignite the gift of the Holy Spirit
which is in you and equip you for a fruit-bearing ministry for the Lord!


2nd yearThe year gives:

  • Leader training
  • A special focus on ministry, church and missions
  • Focus on a deeper relationship with God


The teaching contains

  • Leadership
  • Church planting
  • How to preach
  • Youth and children's ministry 
  • Worship
  • Prayer
  • Spiritual gifts and ministry gifts
  • Pastoral care and diakonia
  • Intercession and counseling
  • Mission strategy
  • Doctrines
  • Christian character
  • The Old Testament and the history of Israel
  • Apologetics
  • Introduction to Exegesis
  • Sports/Dance 
  • Electives



A big part of the 2nd year is the practice part, which aims to practice what is taught, when it comes to youth work, media, worship, church planting, missions and many other areas. Throughout the school year you will be in a set practice place weekly, and during the spring there will be 10 continuous practice weeks.

Student conversations/Coaching

During the 2nd year we continue to offer individual student conversations throughout the school year. Since the 2nd year focuses on ministry and leader training, these conversations will also focus on helping you further as a leader in your ministry. At the same time your mentor will encourage you to strengthen your personal faith life.

It is possible to start your 2nd year for everyone that has completed the 1st year at TBBMI or another Bible school where a similar range of subjects as 1 year at TBBMI can be documented.


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