At TBBMI you will meet a staff full of knowledge, and dynamic teachers with long experience within ministry and Bible teaching.

Staff and teachers are passionate about seeing each student, and that the gifts of God will be released.  

Anne og Stephan ChristiansenLeaders for TBBMI
Arnvid LøvbuktenManager for TBBMI
Anna JakobsenStudy Inspector
Maria Janette LøvbuktenAdministration Secretary at TBBMI
Brandon QuyCoordinator for practice
Valeria ZingaleCoordinator in TBBMI
Aron Uno LarssonResponsible for media
Kåre SkulandPastor in Jesus Church
Lars Tore JørgensenPastor in Jesus Church
Heidi BjørgumJesus Revolution
Paul HockleyLeader for Jesus Revolution
Oddleiv SandtorvJesus Revolution
Daniel TassoneJesus Church



  • Rune Edvardsen
    Leader of Evidence of Faith World Evangelism
  • Egon Falk
    Evangelist and missionary in Tanzania, founder and leader of New Life Outreach
  • Gunnar Jeppestøl
    Pastor in Filadelfia Vennesla 
  • Carl Gustav Severin
    Evangelist and preacher from Word of Life in Uppsala
  • Erlend Indergaard
    Pastor in Fræna pentecostal church
  • Egon Davidsen
    Bible teacher, missions leader and pastor in the Family Church in Follo
  • Eivind Aadland
    Leader for New Generation in Italy
  • Håkon Fagervik
    Evangelist and singer, and works different places in the world.
  • Øystein Gjerme
    Pastor in Salt Bergenkirken
  • Leiv Holstad
    Founder and leader for Maritastiftelsen, a former student at TBBMI
  • Sigmund Evensen
    Senior councelor and bible translator in Wycliffe, missionary at Papua Ny-Guinea for 20 years.
  • Linda Helen Haukland
    Director in Jesus Women and PhD candidate at the University of Nordland
  • Kjell Haltorp
    Evangelist and leader of Reach the Nations
  • Jon Arve Lunde
    Pastor in the Family church in Sandnes
  • Øyvind Gaarder Andersen
    Teacher at the theology college HLT, Director of Global Misjon
  • Marie Hognestad
    Worship leader and song writer
  • Bjørn Bjørnø
    General secretary in the pentecostal foreign mission (PYM)
  • David Haddeland
    Manager for New Generation


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